“Michael’s keynote speech was of critical importance, and his enthusiastic presentation left a positive impression on our students.”

Hiring Michael To Speak

Michael Miller can help inspire and educate students and global professionals. Michael has traveled the country delivering keynote addresses and workshops at universities like NYU, Northeastern, University of Illinois, IIT Stuart School of Business, Quinlan School of Business, and many more. He has also delivered numerous presentations to specific organizations – empowering their management to approach global innovation with an entirely different mindset.

Michael uses his personal experiences and first-hand information from prominent immigrant entrepreneurs, international students, and professionals. His presentations are informative and engaging, citing real people’s experiences from different countries, industries, backgrounds and specific organizations.

Learn how to use social and cultural agility to advance careers from the leading expert. Bring Michael to your university, business or event today!

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Jennifer Ehrnthaller, University of Illinois It was a pleasure to have Mike visit the University of Illinois campus and present to our international students. The topic of his keynote speech was of critical importance, and his enthusiastic presentation left a positive impression on our students. We look forward to having Mike return to campus for future presentations and workshops.
Ellen Zold Goldman, Northeastern University It was really a blast and the students loved your presentation! Staff also loved the presentation! In looking at the evaluations, it was clear that students really enjoyed it AND learned a lot! I loved how interactive you made it, and I thought some of the ideas they pitched were really good!

Signature Keynotes

4 Weeks To Your American Dream Job™

Can you really get your dream job in just four weeks? You can if you follow a few proven strategies and avoid the Top-3 “time-wasters” that most students spend a majority of their time on. By being extremely targeted, becoming an expert and taking action, you will dramatically increase your odds.

By the end of this keynote, you will:

  • Know the 20% of actions that lead to 80% of your results
  • How to get interviews instantly at your dream companies
  • How to grow your LinkedIn network by 100%
  • How to meet the right connections and follow up successfully

Ideal for: international undergraduates and MBA’s

The Art of American Small Talk

You might think small talk is a waste of time, but nothing could be further from the truth. Learning the art of American small talk will build your confidence, help you bond with strangers from anywhere in the world and most of all, make them remember you. This workshop will cover key concepts that international individuals need to learn to form relationships at American networking or social events.

By the end of this workshop, you will know how to:

  • Spontaneously start conversations and create rapport through small talk
  • Maintain stimulating conversations with the ability to change topics gracefully
  • Resolve disagreements if they arise and end conversations tactfully
  • Approach any social or networking setting with confidence

Ideal for: engineers, international students, young professionals

Developing Culturally Fluent Global Leaders

Leaders in today’s business world are required to do more with less and work across cultures. These needs require leaders to understand how to bridge cultural gaps with ease and create high-performing teams.

By the end of this keynote, you will:

  • Learn and practice how to think differently about leadership while engaging multi-cultural stakeholders
  • Get the framework for the leader’s new role: 3 key priorities that will determine success in today’s market
  • Receive three tools (one for each key priority) that you will be able to apply immediately to your role as a leader at any level

Ideal for: MBA’s, leadership development programs, international students

Cultural Skydiving™

Facing fears and getting rejected can be scary if you don’t pack a parachute. Learn how to land safely in a new culture through this action packed talk. Michael shows you how to adapt to a new culture faster, so you can become more successful and happier.

By the end of this workshop, you will:

  • Learn what it takes to be successful in a new country and culture
  • Practice rejection therapy and build your confidence
  • Learn how to build a long-term culture adaptation plan

Ideal for: international consultants, graduate students, high performers, global professionals, international visitors

From Dream To Reality – Empowering Tomorrow’s Immigrant Entrepreneurs

“U.S. colleges and universities nationally are seeing increasing numbers of international students with a passion for entrepreneurship, and many of those students want to start new ventures in the United States.” – The Kauffman Foundation Ever thought about starting a company with a global team? Stop thinking. It’s time to do it. This workshop is not just going to teach you the basics of starting a company in the U.S., it’s actually going to make you create one. By the end, you will have “launched” a company and be prepared to take it to the next level!

By the end of this workshop, you will know how to:

  • How to develop your first business idea and create a lean canvas
  • How to launch a website with no coding skills required
  • How to find a team and co-founders
  • Immigration laws that every international entrepreneur needs to know

Ideal for: entrepreneur programs, study abroad programs, leadership development, international students

Through lessons learned by entrepreneurs and Americans alike, Michael Miller shows how immigrants can rapidly adapt to America business culture and further drive innovation and the U.S. economy. Gary Shapiro, President and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association

Michael Miller’s Speaking Engagements

Boston College – Boston, November 2013

Mount Ida College – Boston, November 2013

Career Leadership Forum – Chicago, October 2013

Northeastern University, September 2013

Career Leadership Forum - NYC, September 2013

Career Leadership Forum, July 2013

Hult International Business School, May 2013

NYU, May 2013

National Council For International Visitors, April 2013

Hostelling International, April 2013

Quinlan School of Business (Loyola), April 2013

IIT Stuart School of Business, April 2013

University of Illinois, April 2013

Purdue, April 2013

Worcester Polytechnic Institute, April 2013

Northeastern University, March 2013

Northeastern University, February 2013

Berlitz Academy, January 2013

Northeastern University Engineering, January 2013

Business Management University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (Fribourg) Exchange Program – “Innovation in Social Media”, October 2012

2012 Global Education Conference – “Improving Cross-Culture Education to Drive Innovation”, September 2012

“U.S. schools have spent years courting international students. Now that they’ve arrived the institutions are struggling to keep up with their diverse demands. It’s a daunting task: Some international students have never participated in a classroom discussion, while others may have outsized expectations about job opportunities in the U.S.” - , Wall Street Journal

The Art of American Small Talk

Empowering Tomorrow’s Immigrant Entrepreneurs

The students seemed to really enjoy Mike’s presentation as evidenced by the evaluations.  The majority felt that his presentation familiarized them with cultural norms and has made them more comfortable to visit our career center. Lisa S. Wong

Michael was a delightful, fun and our students learned about how to start conversations and build relationships with Americans. Michael brings interesting ideas and gives real life examples of how to succeed in social situations. His workshop is not only useful to the international community but to all of those learning to network.

Eumari Bonilla

What Students Have To Say

  • 98%

    Want Michael to return to their school

  • 9.3 out of 10

    Michael’s rating as a guest speaker.

  • 9.0 out of 10

    The impact Michael’s material will have on their own careers

*survey results were collected from students from 10 universities and 43 countries

Michael’s energy and enthusiasm is highly contagious … the foundation of great start-ups and innovations! Rolando Navarro, PhD Candidate in Computational Finance at Purdue University
Michael is an energetic and persuasive speaker and I learned a lot from his speech about finding a dream job in the U.S. as an international student. He gave us some examples to follow as well as some valuable hints and creative ideas on looking for a job. He is a wonderful and easy-going person. Kai Huang, Graduate Student at University of Illinois
During his presentations at Purdue, Michael provided valuable experience and suggestion to international students who are seeking a job in the US.  His book, “Four weeks to your American dream job” is a very useful resource for me to build strategies not only to find a job but also to develop my career in the long run! Chiao-Ling Lo, PhD Candidate at Purdue University
Michael is really motivating when he presents. He taught us practical and useful strategies in job searching and self-development. He is nice to people, a good listener and very patient. Vicky Ling, Public Relations Director at Purdue Undergraduate Chinese Association
Michael came to Purdue University this spring for talks on obtaining your dream job. It was a great deal of help and an eye-opening experience in my career search and overall evaluation of who I am as a person. His advice and lessons are not only valuable professionally but also in branching out and experiencing the world. I’d recommend his work to any friend or colleague. Thank you! Jeremy Hunt, Movement and Sport Sciences Graduate at Purdue University
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