LinkedIn Basics and Pitfalls

LinkedIn Basics and Pitfalls To Avoid

When you are searching for a job, you need to constantly network on LinkedIn with people you have never met. That’s a FACT. Therefore, it’s important for you to not only know how to get complete strangers to accept your LinkedIn invitation… but how to get them to want to communicate with you. This can…

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Alcohol limiting career and life

Is alcohol limiting your life and career? (and why I chose to give it up for 30 days)

A delicious and refreshing beers were passed into my hands as we watched the Final Four at a bar packed with Michigan fans. I was thirsty, everyone around me was drinking and the beer kept spilling all over my hands. I wanted nothing more than to get these two temptations out of my hands but…

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Stuck in job search?

Feeling stuck in your job search? (don’t throw your hat in yet)

Lately, I’ve been speaking to a lot of students and professionals that feel stuck. Stuck in their job search, their business, their relationships… and many other parts of their life. I’ve felt stuck before too. Completely and utterly lost with very little hope. I want you to know that 1) you can reach out to…

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How to persuade people to help you get a job (the secret is simple)

I receive emails quite often from people trying to get a job at Culture Adapt and a vast majority of the time the email starts with “This is my dream job. I love different cultures and traveling!” Who doesn’t? I instantly assume that you are passionate about these things because you’re applying. The question you…

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If you’re struggling to get interviews this is why

Last week I revealed to you the secret behind getting a job in America. (If you didn’t read my post “Why most international job seekers fail,” the secret is: to be extremely specific in your goal and to meet the “right” people at your dream company face-to-face) I then challenged you to find the exact…

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