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Get A Job in Less Time And Build Your Social Confidence!

Learn to set better goals, take more action, make better decisions, and more fully use your natural strengths in Michael Miller’s 4-week online group coaching class

Michael Miller H-1B Institute
  • Minimal Time Commitment

    My groundbreaking material will change your career and life in just 60-minutes per week. (4 live classes total)

  • Groundbreaking Job Search Strategies

    Are you ready to eliminate 80% of your useless job hunting tasks?

  • Advanced Resume Techniques

    Learn what hiring managers really look for and how the first five lines of your resume can get you interviews.

  • Available Worldwide

    Every class is a LIVE online webinar and past students have joined from the USA, China, India, Netherlands, Japan, Canada and more…

  • Learn From Classmates

    Join a group of like-minded U.S. job seekers. Classmates help each other succeed.

  • 1-on-1 Private Coaching

    This is your chance to get me 1-on-1 for a fraction of my normal costs.

  • Attraction and Relationship Building

    I’ve taught 1,758 students over the last 12 months and know exactly what psychological barriers are holding you back from success and a better life.

  • Social and Cultural Agility Exercises

    Transform your career and life with through my specially designed social and cultural agility exercises.

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My confidence has increased so much! I can talk to anyone now! Yicai Wen, Cornell University
I joined Michael’s coaching class because I was not sure about the direction I should head to for my career paths. Michael’s helpful exercises have helped me to see a clear path to where I should go to in order to fulfill what I want. I felt great about what I have done after I worked with Michael. Jongwoo Han, University of Illinois
H-1B Institute helps to overcome the fear of most international students, people can communicate with mentor easily. And students can learn much knowledge about H-1B visa, which is really helpful. I especially love the “Culture Skydriving for everyday”. We feel safe because we can track our progress day by day. Qiuzi Li, Boston University
Michael helped me build my social confidence and become a more effective communicator. At the start of the class I was scared to approach people because I had limiting beliefs based on fear. He helped me overcome them and I have since got 3 interviews. I would strongly recommend the class to anyone seeking a job in the U.S. Sundaresh Ramasubramanian, Hult International Business School
I am glad to join Michael`s class. It is really amazing, which helps me to understand business culture in the States. I am able to try something completely new to me. Now I am more confident than ever. Also, Michael pointed out the essence of how to find a job in the States, which helps me to target my job more easily. And I know where to put my efforts now. Thank you Michael! Nick Mao, W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University
Through lessons learned by entrepreneurs and Americans alike, Michael Miller shows how immigrants can rapidly adapt to America business culture and further drive innovation and the U.S. economy. Gary Shapiro, President and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association

4-Week Class Schedule

Every Sunday night at 9pm EST, October 6th – October 27th, 2013

  • Week 1: Getting Targeted

    Career Evaluation, Goal Setting, Cultural Skydiving

  • Week 2: Meeting Decision Makers

    Networking Tactics, Informational Interviews

  • Week 3: Build Your Mentor Network

    Mentors, Your Inner Circle, LinkedIn Networking + Bonus Resume Section

  • Week 4: Negotiation Tactics

    Negotiation Strategies, Obstacle Planning, Wrap-Up

During the weekly team webinars:

  • You will report your progress (productivity metrics) and share highlights
  • Michael will help you tackle common and individual-specific job search questions
  • Your H-1B Institute classmates that get jobs will discuss their techniques and how you can apply them to your own search

Your competition is fierce

“For highly skilled workers, 65,000 H-1B visas are available each year, plus 20,000 visas for U.S. master’s degree graduates. These visas are available on a first-come, first-served basis to companies that sponsor a worker.”

But companies are searching for you

“I’m constantly searching for talented new employees, and if someone with the right skills walked into my office, he or she would likely leave it with a very compelling offer.”

20 Like-Minded Classmates
4 Action-Packed Sessions
1 International Career Expert
4 Weeks That Will Change Your Life

Michael Miller
Founder & CEO, Culture Adapt
Author of #1 International Career Book

Michael has helped thousands of individuals all over the world improve their social confidence and build amazing careers. He’s a bestselling author, speaker and entrepreneur. Michael will share with you…

  • How social and cultural agility can help you master your career and achieve any goal
  • How to attract successful people in a high integrity way
  • How to become your “best-self” through simple daily exercises

Plus he’ll share techniques to overcome subtle psychological barriers that have been holding you back from greatness.

Michael has been a speaker at some of the largest U.S. universities such as: NYU, Northeastern, University of Illinois, and Purdue. He’s lived in China, Hong Kong and traveled to over 30 countries. He holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Who Should Attend The Class?

There is one essential ingredient required to get the most out of this event: a commitment to doing something remarkable with your life. Participant profiles include:

  • Undergraduates – who are looking to develop interpersonal skills, confidence and get jobs or internships
  • Graduates – who want to chase their American dream
  • MBA students – who want to get the most out of your post-school launch
  • Engineerings and programmers – build something that matters to you and the world
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs – develop skills that will serve you throughout your career and make you more successful
  • Professionals – who want to change jobs and develop amazing interpersonal skills

Note: This event is not designed for freshman undergraduates, but high-achieving, driven students are welcome to attend.

Who Should Not Attend This Class

  • People looking for a job search consultant. Aka, someone who will connect you directly to companies.
  • People that are not ready to embrace change and grow as a person
  • People looking for a “quick fix”
  • People who are not ready to leave their comfort zone
Enroll In Next ClassOnly 5 spots left!