About Michael

I graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a Chemical Engineering degree in 2007.

I studied abroad in Hong Kong, lived as an expat in Suzhou, China and and have traveled to over 30 countries.

At age 25, I was a manager at a Fortune 500 company with a six figure salary. After a year and a half I decided it was time to take a huge risk and start my first company.

I wrote a #1 Bestseller for international job seekers.

I have spoken at many of the largest universities in the country including five of the Top 10 Most International U.S. Universities.

I’ve been featured in the press and had career coaching clients from over 30 countries.

And I don’t think that money should be the driving force behind your career and life.

Michael Miller

About Culture Adapt

Culture Adapt is a community focused on careers, personal transformation and entrepreneurship for international students, professionals and everyone else. It hosts over 5,000 readers a month and has been featured on the largest career blog in the U.S., SimplyHired.com.

Why I Started This Site

In my first company, I employed three international student interns. There were certain parts of American business culture that were new and strange to them but they were intelligent and learned quickly. However, one business cultural difference that we never touched upon, and is possibly the most important for a graduating student, was how to get a job.

When graduation day came, my interns were faced with the seemingly unsurmountable mountain of getting a job and U.S. work visa. A few months later, two of the three had ended up leaving the U.S.

After seeing the struggles they faced and watching America lose more amazing professional talent, I decided to start a company that would be the solution.

Today thousands of readers come to this site, not just for job search techniques, but figuring out build confidence, embrace new cultures and how to live a better life.

Start learning how social and cultural agility can accelerate your career.

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The Book

My book, 4 Weeks To Your American Dream Job, was published on March 2, 2013 and was an immediate #1 Amazon bestseller. See book excerpts, reviews, and details.


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