Michael Miller inner circle

Defining and Reevaluating Your “Inner Circle” To Advance Your Career

Are you surrounding yourself with the correct people? It’s a simple enough question but without deep introspection it is tough to decipher the correct answer. On the surface it may appear that your friends, family or coworkers are great… but are they really helping you achieve your career vision? Your career “vision” is what you…

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Michael Miller Monkey

Cultural Skydiving: The Fastest Way To Adapt To A New Culture

What do gambling, lady-boy bars, and drinking in gas station parking lots have to do with rapid culture adaptation? Keep reading and find out. Today is the day that I’m deciding to unleash my new rapid culture adaptation method, Cultural Skydiving. Sounds fun and a little dangerous, right? Well, it can be… but I wouldn’t…

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Is Your English Far From Fluent? Top 3 Reasons It Doesn’t Matter

I recently interviewed a student for an internship and her English was far from fluent. In fact, she probably made a mistake in every single sentence she spoke. But you know what? I didn’t care. Now, am I more accepting of English mistakes and accents because I work with them on a daily basis? Yes.…

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15 Second Resume Test

The 15 Second Resume Test That Will Get You More Interviews

I had just begun looking through my slew of about 80 internship applications for Culture Adapt, my international career coaching and education company.  Unfortunately, I always dread this process because of the sheer number of BAD applications I get. For example, most of the applicants had a résumé that didn’t show any of the experience…

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No Response Cold Emails

Top 3 Reasons You Aren’t Getting a Response to Cold Emails

I sent a cold email to a university last week about speaking to their international students. (cold meaning I have never spoken to them before) Do you know what they said? NOTHING! I got absolutely no response (or rejected if you want to call it that). I was wondering why I hadn’t heard anything and…

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